Analisis Kinerja Algoritma Quick Double Merge Sort Paralel Menggunakan openMP

  • I Nyoman Aditya Yudiswara
  • Abba Suganda Bina Nusantara University


Processor technology currently tends to increase the number of cores more than increasing the clock speed. This development is very useful and becomes an opportunity to improve the performance of sequential algorithms that are only done by one core. This paper discusses the sorting algorithm that is executed in parallel by several logical CPUs or cores using the openMP library. This algorithm is named QDM Sort which is a combination of sequential quick sort algorithm and double merge algorithm. This study uses a data parallelism approach to design parallel algorithms from sequential algorithms. The data used in this study are the data that have not been sorted and also the data that has been sorted is integer type which is stored in advance in a file. The parameter measured to determine the performance of the QDM Sort algorithm is speedup. In a condition where a large amount of data is above 4096 and the number of threads in QDM Sort is the same as the number of logical CPUs, the QDM Sort algorithm has a better speedup compared to the other parallel sorting algorithms discussed in this study. For small amounts of data it is still better to use sequential sorting algorithm.


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Yudiswara, I. N. A., & Suganda, A. (2020). Analisis Kinerja Algoritma Quick Double Merge Sort Paralel Menggunakan openMP. Ultima Computing : Jurnal Sistem Komputer, 11(2), 95-102.