Pengantar dan Survey Tentang Optical Music Recognition

  • Kevin Purwito Universitas Multimedia Nusantara


This paper describes about one of the many extension of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), that is Optical Music Recognition (OMR). OMR is used to recognize musical sheets into digital format, such as MIDI or MusicXML. There are many musical symbols that usually used in musical sheets and therefore needs to be recognized by OMR, such as staff; treble, bass, alto and tenor clef; sharp, flat and natural; beams, staccato, staccatissimo, dynamic, tenuto, marcato, stopped note, harmonic and fermata; notes; rests; ties and slurs; and also mordent and turn. OMR usually has four main processes, namely Preprocessing, Music Symbol Recognition, Musical Notation Reconstruction and Final Representation Construction. Each of those four main processes uses different methods and algorithms and each of those processes still needs further development and research. There are already many application that uses OMR to date, but none gives the perfect result. Therefore, besides the development and research for each OMR process, there is also a need to a development and research for combined recognizer, that combines the results from different OMR application to increase the final result’s accuracy.

Index Terms—Music, optical character recognition, optical music recognition, musical symbol, image processing, combined recognizer



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