State-Feedback Control Design for the Cannon Stability System

  • Ahmad Syahril Muharom Teknik Elektro - UMN


Abstract— Tanks have an important role in protecting a region in the event of a battle. The tank's cannon is a very reliable weapon in warfare. However, the cannon's precision while aiming and firing targets is a concern. A control system must be created to increase the cannon's stability and precision. The state feedback control technique with a full-state observer is the control system that can manage cannon disturbances. The control system is built around three DC motors, each of which operates the cannon’s x, y, and z axes. Then performed tests for each axis at an angle of 90 degrees, The state feedback control with a full state observer can produce outstanding performance, with the time required for the cannon to reach the target angle was 0.51 seconds, and the cannon system had 0% overshoot.


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Muharom, A. (2023). State-Feedback Control Design for the Cannon Stability System. Ultima Computing : Jurnal Sistem Komputer, 15(1), 14-18.