Sentiment Analysis on Song Lyrics for Song Popularity Prediction Using BERT

  • Hana Agatha
  • Farica Perdana Putri
  • Alethea Suryadibrata UMN


The increasingly competitiveness in music industry is giving some musicians disadvantages. Musicians need to pay more attention to the factors that influence the popularity of a song, so their song can be popular and they can gain a lot of profit. One of the various factors that can affect a song popularity is the lyrics. The influence of the lyrics can be explored through sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is a computing study that identify sentiments or emotions in a text. By conducting sentiment analysis on the lyrics, song popularity can be predicted. Based on the prediction result, songwriters can evaluate their lyrics, so their song can be popular. Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) is an excellent algorithm in terms of sentiment analysis. In this study, a BERT model was developed to predict the song popularity, based on the sentiment analysis of the song lyrics. The popularity class of a song will be predicted, based on the results of lyrics sentiment analysis. The developed model is a model that has been trained with English songs. Based on the experiment, the model that used oversampling method achieved accuracy by 87%, precision by 88%, recall by 87%, and f1-score by 87%.


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Agatha, H., Putri, F., & Suryadibrata, A. (2024). Sentiment Analysis on Song Lyrics for Song Popularity Prediction Using BERT. Ultimatics : Jurnal Teknik Informatika, 15(2), 99-105.