Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism Includes But is Not Limited to:

  • Copying text verbatim from a source without proper citation or attribution
  • Summarizing or rephrasing someone else's views without giving due credit or citation
  • Making use of graphics without the required attribution or authorization
  • Utilizing components of one's own previously published work without the required citation or Authorization
  • Presenting work that was done by another person as one's own
  • Using someone else's data or research results without obtaining that person's consent or correct Citation.
  • Not correctly attributing the author of a direct quotation
  • Presenting someone else's ideas or concepts as one's own
  • Misrepresenting the source of a piece of information or idea
  • Fabricating or falsifying research data or results


Ultimart: Jurnal Komunikasi Visual will ensure that every published article will not exceed 20% similarity score. Plagiarism screening will be conducted using Turnitin 


  • Reprimand;
  • Letter of warning;
  • Revocation of the article;
  • Cancellation of publication.