HATÊUP is an international scientific journal encompassing the fields of architecture, urban studies, and multimedia technology in the construction industry, focused on fostering a scientific spirit to promote progress toward achieving a sustainable built environment.

Naming HATÊUP as a journal in the Architecture Department at Multimedia Nusantara University is intended to manifest special attention to local wisdom along with the spirit of sustainability in the built environment. HATÊUP derives from the Sundanese word meaning "roof." The Sundanese, one of the largest tribes in Indonesia, inhabit the western side of Java Island, including Banten Province where the Multimedia Nusantara University campus is located. The house, or “imah,” for Sundanese people represents the community's daily philosophy, built with attention to all natural elements. HATÊUP, as part of the imah, plays a crucial role both visually and functionally. Like the human body, the roof symbolizes the head, reflecting the entirety of the building and providing protection to its other parts.

The HATÊUP framework is structured to support sustainable development by serving as a platform to disseminate the latest research, design reviews, and discussion results in architecture, urbanism, and multimedia technology. HATÊUP aims to facilitate knowledge exchange among scholars, academics, practitioners, and industry professionals.

The journal publishes two issues per volume or per year, with publications scheduled in July and December. 


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